About Us

Blue Ridge Timber Cutting has always been known as the company to get tough jobs done that no one else seems willing to tackle. That was true when we first started as big tree specialists in the early 1980s and our reputation has continued to grow with a focus on fish habitat restoration, stream enhancement and road decommissioning over the past 20 years.

In Blue Ridge you will find a crew fully committed to balanced and responsible forest management. We are all about conservation combined with selective logging. We bring a unique set of abilities to move big objects with a minimum impact to the environment including extremely sensitive streams.

Here in our website you will find plenty of information about what we can do, but it’s HOW we do it that is most important because it reflects our philosophy of responsible stewardship of both private and public timberlands and watersheds. It reflects our understanding that the world around us is our responsibility and how we leave it to for the following generations will be our lasting legacy as a company and as people.